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9 Ways Billie Eilish Is Paving the Way for a Vegan Future

Singer and songwriter Billie Eilish’s massive platform has provided her the opportunity to do more vegan advocacy than we could even hope to accomplish in our lifetimes. The international celebrity turns 20 on December 18, and we’re celebrating with a swirl of Yoga-urt’s Chocolate Bliss and Peanut Butter Prana vegan fro-yo (Eilish’s favorite combo) and a long list of all the reasons we love her for more than just her soulful music. From launching a vegan chocolate bar to convincing an iconic fashion designer to ditch fur for good, here are nine ways Billie Eilish is an absolute vegan gem. 

1 She went vegan when she was 12 years old

No doubt influenced by her mom, Maggie Baird, an activist and celebrity in her own right, Eilish told Vogue that she went vegan at the age of 12. After learning about the atrocities of the meat and dairy industries, she couldn’t erase this dismal reality from her mind. It takes a special 12-year-old to make that connection, and we’re so glad she did. 

2 She’s recruiting new vegans

Eilish has said that she doesn’t want to tell others what to do, but she’s also not shy about her veganism, and she’ll speak out when appropriate. As a response to the horrors leaked from the Fair Oaks Farms undercover investigation, the then-teenager took to social media and didn’t sugarcoat her opinion. To her then 26 million Instagram followers (she’s up to 97.8 million now), she captioned, “I keep my mouth shut most of the time about this because I believe everyone should do eat and say whatever they want … and I don’t feel the need to shove what I believe in, in anyone’s face, but man … if you can watch the videos that I just posted and not give a f*ck that it’s you contributing by literally eating the creatures that are being fully tortured just for your pleasure, I feel sorry for you. I understand that meat tastes good … and I know you think you’re just one person and it won’t change anything if you stop but that’s ignorant and stupid. If you have half a brain, you should know ‘one person’ adds up. Be smarter.”

3 She makes fantastic vegan cookies

We know, because we’ve tried ‘em. With just seven pantry ingredients, the star somehow conjured vegan magic and created surprisingly good peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies—that just happen to be gluten-free. Don’t believe us? Try the recipe for yourself. There’s no excuse not to, because you probably have the ingredients on hand. It’s cookie season, anyways. 

She’s been on SNL twice

First as a musical guest in 2019 and most recently as host and musical guest on December 11, 2021, Eilish has graced the Saturday Night Live stage more in her 20 years than many entertainers twice her age. While she admitted to several media outlets she was extremely nervous to host, we thoroughly enjoyed the episode and loved how she didn’t take herself too seriously, even when she let out a few unintentional snickers. 

Oscar de la Renta

She convinced Oscar de la Renta to ditch fur

This feat alone could amount to any vegan nonprofit’s lifetime of work. How’d the young influencer pull it off? She gave Alex Bolden—Oscar de la Renta’s chief executive—an ultimatum. She would wear their designer gown to the 2021 star-studded Met Gala on the condition that the brand ditch fur completely. Bolden obliged, and Eilish stunned the gala wearing a gorgeous, completely vegan nude tulle gown with a 15-foot train. 

6 She partnered with Nike to create vegan kicks

A fan of Nike’s Air Jordans since she was a young kid, Eilish worked with the brand to create a vegan offshoot of this classic style. Made with 20-percent recycled materials, Eilish’s branded Jordans come in two colors—which perhaps not so coincidentally match her hair colors. One, Ghost Green, represents Eilish’s past neon-green shade; the other, a nude taupe, matches her recent platinum look.  

Billie Eilish Fragrances

Her vegan perfume smells amazing

Looking for a gift? Eilish’s sweet-yet-spicy vegan perfume might just be it. Launched in the fall of 2021, the celeb had a hand in everything from the fragrance notes to the bottle design. We’ve had a whiff and think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its complexity—this is certainly not the cloyingly sweet perfume one would expect from a 19-year-old. 

She has her own vegan chocolate bar

If given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want their own line of vegan chocolate? As a limited-time promotion for her latest work Happier Than Ever, Eilish lent the album’s name to a vegan and organic, 35-percent cacao milk chocolate bar. If you’re reading this on her birthday, you haven’t missed out. Pre-order through the star’s website; shipping begins December 28. 

9 She’s a giver

We have to assume that Eilish inherited her giving spirit from her mother. From supporting the now national vegan hunger relief initiative, Support+Feed, to dropping off flowers and plant-based doughnuts to essential workers on Mother’s Day, Eilish seems to take every opportunity she can to give back and spread a little vegan joy. Her fame continues to grow, but it’s nice to know that she keeps herself grounded not only by giving money, but precious time, to those in need. 

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